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About Us

While others claim to be the first company to be in the medical tourism industry or the leaders, GUSIB started in 2002.Since 13 years GUSIB has been in health tourism branch.More than 2.000 patients have used the services of GUSIB .

GUSIB is a medical tourism portal that allows you to find a surgeon that is affordable, that is available immediately to assist you, or provides medical care which you might not normally have access to. You simply select a procedure, choose a surgeon, upload medical records, and then book the surgery all from your computer or smartphone. You can also book flights, hotels, and other services with GUSIB as well.

At GUSIB, we believe in borderless medicine and patient empowerment. The borders of medicine are not just geographical, but financial, political, and syndicated. A patient should have the freedom to choose where they get their healthcare whether it is across state lines or across the globe. A patient should be able to afford healthcare without having to scale the walls of financial opaqueness of a cabalistic healthcare industrial complex. A patient should have access to the best surgeons in the world without being limited by travel regulations. A patient should have the right to the latest innovations in medicine without being constrained by regulations that might exist to prevent competition rather than harm. A patient should be able to receive healthcare in a timely manner rather than be limited by rationing. A patient should be able to get news about healthcare practices and pricing transparently and pay a fair price instead of being subjugated by a chargemaster.

Patients are not the only ones facing healthcare borders. Surgeons should be able to have the freedom of providing innovative medical solutions without fear of malpractice persecution that forces them to become proponents of defensive medicine. Surgeons should be able to provide quality care and attention and expect fair compensation for doing so without breaching imposed upon sanctions. PlanetHospital has gathered some of the best surgeons from around the world for some, and around the corner for others. We will provide you with transparent pricing, immediate access to some of the finest surgeons in the world, the ability to contact and communicate with medical professionals immediately, and information on the latest medical procedures for various conditions and we will do this safely and affordably. In a transparent, borderless healthcare environment, patients and surgeons will thrive, and ultimately the money will follow the patient. And that is why GUSIB exists.

GUSIB - About Us