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International Health Investment Projects
Turkey Hospital Projects
We are cooperating with biggest Turkish Hospital Construction and Medical Packaging Companies. If you are looking for a Turn-Key Hospital or Clinic project ,please contact us...

International Investments In Health
If you are looking for investment opportunities in health sector , we can guide you for the Turkish market .There has been a lot of sales of shares of big Turkish Hospital Groups and also some of developing Hospitals or clinics.

Affliation Programmes
If you are a Hospital or a clinic in developing countries, we can arrange an affiliation program with one of the biggest Hospital groups of Turkey . This provides a huge know-how transfer , doctor support and Hospital management training.

Diagnostic Center Projects In Africa
We have big opportunities to invest in diagnostic center projects in Africa . If you are interested in investing a diagnostic center investment in Africa ,please contact us.

International Medical Equipment Trade
If you are looking for trading your medical equipments to different parts of the world , we can help you finding new customers.

If you are looking for medical equipments for your facility ,please contact us then you can find the best options from different parts of the world.